Alive + Well.

That, we are.

Sure, we might’ve been MIA for the past few months (if judging by our major lack-o-blog-posts), but I assure you we are alive and well. We’ve simply been adjusting back to land life these past few months and have continued to travel a bit while trying to soak up some much needed quality time with family and friends.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^^holy pretty sunset in Port Elgin, Canada captured on my iPhone.^^

After selling our lovely LAHO to some really wonderful new owners back in May (I still cannot believe she sold that quick), Jer and I immediately purchased a second car (so I can freaking get around town too!) and then we took off on a whirlwind of vacations.

We started with a short trip to Sanibel Island with family, followed by a three-week road trip all the way from Florida to Canada (with lots of stops in between), and finally a seven-day trip back to one of our favorite places…the BAHAMAS!!! Getting to the Bahamas was a helluva lot easier by plane this time. It took all of 25 minutes. But seriously, how ironic is it that we found ourselves back in the Bahamas already? I know, ridiculous! If it makes you feel better (it really isn’t one big gravy train around here), we’ve also been dealing with some new Oliver health issues (heart murmur, anyone?) and Jereme managed to break off his crown while on our long road trip (surprise dental work = fun times).

And although I haven’t really been doing too good of a job pumping out the blog posts these past few months, I promise that I’ve still been busy snapping LOTS of photos during our travels and trying to figure out how the heck I want to transition this here blog. Y’all know I love photo-taking and documenting, so I definitely haven’t called it quits in the blogosphere. For now, I suppose I’m planning to document small slices of our life that I definitely want to remember forever. Who knows, that may change down the road, but for now, that’s where I’m at.

And since I am still catching up on the travel photo editing from these past few weeks (with a few blog posts in the works!), in the meantime make sure you pop over to Instagram to check out what we’ve been up!

Happy July! :)))))



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