2 Months!

How have we hit two months already??? Life with this little guy has been everything. Jason has changed so much in the past two months, and we can’t wait to discover more about his adorable personality as he continues to grow.

2-month 2-eIMG_2856b-blog

^^stats from an impromptu doctor’s visit earlier this month. we’ll have to wait for his official 2-month appointment later this month.^^

Jason Leo, at two months you…

…are smiling more and more each day, and we can’t get enough of it.

…especially love the changing pad in the nursery. you literally beam from ear to ear as soon as we lay you down on it.

…would sleep on momma all the time if I let you. ;))

…are a tooting machine. sorry, but you are!

…still love the rock-n-play in momma & dada’s bedroom, but are also beginning to love your crib too!

…love the (modified) mobile on the swing in the living room. and get a little annoyed when it turns off while you are still swinging.

…have sprouted lots of new hair on the front half of your head. your hair is looking gingerlicious, but I kinda think it’s going to change color, possibly blonde.

…love when momma lets you nap on your tummy in the crib during the day and will bust out a three-hour+ nap just about every time.

…are rocking a 5oz. bottle for most feedings!

…and still really love bath time. let’s hope that never changes.

Month numero dos looked like this around here…

2 Months 2

We love you, Jason Leo.


from LAHOWIND http://lahowind.com/2016/06/14/2-months/


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